The Order of Physicians calls for immediate access to the 3rd dose for their profession

Doctors also want access to a third dose of the Coronavirus vaccine. “Faced with the risk of a drop in the efficacy of vaccines beyond six months after a complete vaccination schedule, in particular against the Delta variant, it is now necessary to allow the most exposed and vulnerable groups to have access to access to a vaccine booster ”, writes Tuesday
Order of Physicians in a press release. The Delta variant, more contagious and now largely predominant, is more resistant than its predecessors to vaccines even if the latter still largely avoid severe forms.

“The Order of Physicians asks that doctors and all health professionals be considered as a priority for access to this booster, as they were at the start of the vaccination campaign, to protect themselves and their patients” , he writes. A request deemed “essential” to “ensure the continuity of care and the safety of all, in the hospital as in the city”.

Only 120,000 booster doses administered

At the end of August, the High Authority for Health (HAS) recommended a booster dose of the Covid vaccine to all people 65 years of age and over, as well as to those at risk of serious forms, potentially 18 million French people. . The recall campaign began on September 1 for those over 80, the immunocompromised and other people considered to be at very high risk of developing a serious form (cancer patients undergoing treatment, dialysis patients, etc.).

The booster dose can be a second dose (for people who have already had Covid or received the Janssen vaccine, as a single dose) but in fact, it is most often a third dose. Since September 1, some 120,000 booster injections have been administered, said the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, still “a very small percentage of the eligible population at this stage”.

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