The only doctor on Île aux Moines will finally be vaccinated

We do not yet know what reasons led Christine Hochard to change her mind. Less than a week after announcing to her patients that she had to stop exercising because she refused the Covid-19 vaccine, the only doctor on Île aux Moines reversed her decision.
According to France Bleu, the general practitioner who arrived in January would have called the mayor of the small town of 600 souls to warn him of his desire to be vaccinated.

Since Wednesday, the doctor from the charming island of the Gulf had left an emotional message on her answering machine. She explained “not to be opposed to vaccination” but did not wish to be subjected to it. “I refuse to give in to this blackmail. It’s my body that says “no”. You can not understand ”, she explained on her voicemail before concluding with a strange. “I hope everything is going well for you. I love you. “

Since September 15, nursing staff are required to be vaccinated or to have started a vaccination schedule to exercise. According to France Bleu, the GP’s practice will reopen on September 23. A relief for the population and the two liberal nurses on the island. Morbihan has seen its incidence rate drop below the alert threshold of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the prefect announced on Tuesday, recalling that “vaccination remains essential”.

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