The next Ethereum upgrade or “Cancun-Deneb” is EIP 4844.

The most important change expected in Ethereum’s next upgrade, or “Cancun-Deneb,” is the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844, also known as the “Cancun-Deneb.” “proto-danksharding” which aims to increase the scalability of Ethereum

Upgrades are new changes across the execution layer (EL) and consensus layer (CL). The upgrade for the execution layer is “Cancun” while the consensus layer is “Deneb”.

Christine Kim shared the latest ETH ACDC highlights this week. Developers discussed progress on Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) to be included in the Deneb upgrade, EIP 4788 and EIP 6987 being included in the Deneb upgrade, and SSZ considerations for EIP 4844.

EIP 4788, “Exposing Beacon Chain Roots in EVM” has been approved by the developer to be included in Deneb upgrades. EIP 4788 enables proofs of CL state on EL for trustless verification with smart contracts.

Ethereum Foundation researcher Danny Ryan said the CL client team will begin generating code changes for EIP 4788 to Deneb for official testing.

EIP 6987, “Forbid Slashed Validators from Being Elected as Block Proposers,” is also a likely option to be included in Deneb, and code changes related to EIP 6987 will be added to the Deneb specification for testing shortly.

Christine Kim also responded to a question about the possible timing of the Deneb upgrade: “The developers have a rough estimate of Q3, but until the scope of Deneb is finalized, it’s still difficult to estimate the timing. time”

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