The new auxiliary bishop renounces his mission to avoid “burn out”

The announcement of his appointment by Pope Francis dates back to October 7. Vicar general of the diocese of Vannes, Father Ivan Brient had been chosen as the new auxiliary bishop of Rennes to replace Monsignor Alexandre Joly, appointed bishop of Troyes. His ordination was scheduled for December 4 in the Saint-Pierre cathedral in Rennes. But the ceremony will never take place.

In a letter addressed to the religious authorities, the man of the Church indeed announces that he “renounces his mission”, a decision accepted this Wednesday by the pope. Father Ivan Brient explains that he made this choice to avoid “burnout”. A few days after the announcement of his appointment, the priest was faced with health problems. “After consulting, alarming signs of the onset of burnout were diagnosed,” he explains.

A load “too heavy” for him

“These signs allowed me to understand that I was on the one hand, tired, and that, on the other hand, I feared the tensions that this mission was going to arouse in me and that I would have difficulties to face them. “, he continues. Two doctors then “strongly advised him to stop immediately, otherwise he would burn out. »

After reflection, the new Rennes auxiliary therefore threw in the towel, the load seeming to him “too heavy”. He becomes a de facto priest of the diocese of Vannes, saying he is “available” for any new mission that the bishop could entrust to him.

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