The motorist who fled after running over two children, sentenced to eight months suspended

The Bordeaux court, in February 2020. –

A search notice had been issued by the police to find him. A 22-year-old young man, who fled by car after knocking over two children in Bordeaux on March 20, was sentenced Wednesday by the Bordeaux Criminal Court to eight months in prison, for involuntary injuries, crime of flight and non-assistance to a person in danger, reports South West.

The facts had occurred at the corner of Cours Balguerie-Stuttenberg and Rue Cité-Chantecrit. The motorist would not have seen the two children arriving who were crossing the road, mounted on a scooter. But after hitting them, he did not stop, leaving one of the two boys, aged 12, bleeding on the public road.

Parents didn’t want to send him to jail

More fear than harm since the two children were only slightly injured, and came out with total incapacity for work (ITT) of 4 and 6 days. At the hearing, the young man explained that he “panicked” and “regret” not having stopped. The parents of the children, for their part, played appeasement, explaining that they did not want to send the motorist to prison, but that he “be declared responsible for his actions. Besides his conviction, he had his license canceled.

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