“The most modest” will be the “first penalized”, according to Elisabeth Borne

The French “the most modest” will be “the first penalized” by the strikes, estimated Elisabeth Borne Monday, on the eve of a sixth day of mobilization against the pension reform, which promises to be massive.

“A France at a standstill”, as envisaged by all the trade unions, “it is obviously bad for our fellow citizens” and “the first penalized, when we have strikes, are the most modest French people” , said Elisabeth Borne on France 5.

The Prime Minister also judged that the use of the expression “bring France to its knees” was “serious” and “not responsible” in reaction to the words of the general secretary of the CGT Chimie Emmanuel Lépine. “Respect the right to strike. Respect the right to protest. But let us also avoid, on the part of union officials, using expressions such as bringing the country to a standstill, bringing the country to its knees. I don’t think it’s very responsible to use that kind of wording. »

“Respect the right to strike”

She was questioned about remarks by Olivier Véran which sparked ridicule on social networks: the government spokesperson estimated on Wednesday that “putting France on hold” from March 7 would be “taking the risk of an ecological, agricultural or health catastrophe”.

Regarding the “BlocusChallenge” launched by the rebellious deputy Louis Boyard, to call on students and high school students to post their “most beautiful photos” of blockades of establishments on Tuesday, Borne considered that “it is not exactly what we expect of a deputy”.

“Considering that a pension reform is an opportunity to do a contest on TikTok or whatever social network, I think that there too it is a question of responsibility”, she added.

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