The ministry calls to order a company which imposed it on employees not concerned

No zeal tolerated with the health pass. The Ministry of Labor said on Tuesday that it had notified the remote assistance company Bluelinea that by wanting to impose the health pass on all its employees, while they are not affected by the measure, it was “illegal”. “The services of the ministry contacted the company to warn it that it could not proceed in this way”, assured the ministry of Elisabeth Borne, responding to a question from the press.

The law of August 5 is very clear on the scope of application of the health pass and penalties (1 year imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros) are provided for employers who do not respect it. Under no circumstances can the company suspend its employees for this reason, ”the ministry said.

The leader said he was “ready to take the risk”

On Monday, the boss of this company, whose staff is not in contact with the public, said he wanted to impose the measure on his employees from October 1. Based in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Yvelines), Bluelinea employs around a hundred people and specializes in remote assistance.

“I am ready to assume the risk,” the leader said on Monday after specifying that around 90% of his employees were vaccinated against Covid.

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