The mileage allowance scale will “exceptionally” be increased “by 5.4%”

It is a measure taken in an “exceptional manner. The government will increase the scale of the mileage allowance “by 5.4%”, announced Wednesday the Minister Delegate of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal. A tax measure that concerns two million taxed households using their personal vehicle for professional purposes.

“We are going to exceptionally increase the mileage allowance for the French who have to use their car to go to work”, declared Gabriel Attal on the set of the program “C à Vous” on France 5.

Help for employees

The scale had already been raised by 10% in January 2022, a boost for employees who opt for the deduction from their taxable income of their actual travel costs (instead of the allowance), such as fuel expenses, bonuses insurance or maintenance costs.

This new revaluation, which relates to 2022 income, “can represent more than 100 euros for a single person who earns 2,900 euros”, Bercy told AFP. It represents a cost for the State of 140 million euros. “I think that our action must be directed above all towards these French people, this middle class who work, who have the feeling that they are always asked for more, either for others who cannot work, or for services which are deteriorating while it is financed by their taxes”, declared Gabriel Attal.

Faced with inflation which is eating into the purchasing power of the French, the government had also implemented a fuel allowance of 100 euros for the 10 million poorest tax households using their car to go to work, replacing the general rebate at the pump which ceased at the end of 2022.

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