The man who slapped Emmanuel Macron says he has “no regrets”

Damien Tarel, the man sentenced to four months in prison for slapping President Emmanuel Macron in the Drôme region, said he had “no regrets” at the microphone of BFMTV, on his release from prison this Saturday. “It is just a small bellows, I think Macron recovered extremely well”, he added to qualify his gesture.

“We are not on a beating as there may have been in the demonstrations of” yellow vests “where it is about a people who express their discontent”, continued the young man with long brown hair, combed of a black beret.

Sanitary pass

On the sidelines of Emmanuel Macron’s trip to Tain-L’Hermitage on June 8, this medieval enthusiast struck the President of the Republic in the face with the cry of “Montjoie Saint-Denis”, causing a significant wave of protests within the political class. Judged in immediate appearance two days after the facts, the unemployed and living man of the RSA had then recognized his anchoring to the right of the political spectrum.

“That day, I came to challenge President Emmanuel Macron and what I saw were workers” yellow vests “who were there to express their discontent, people who work very hard, often elderly, who were exfiltrated by police forces paid by their taxes “and” that revolted me “, continued the young man.

“The people are muzzled, how do you expect them to pass their ideas today? “, He questioned, regretting that the referendum is” no longer applied “. The man also assured that he would go to the anti-sanitary pass demonstrations scheduled for Saturday: “it is my priority after being released from prison, at least for the symbol, to join this movement which challenges the decision of the sanitary pass. “.

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