The leader of the putschists promises a “unity” government and no “witch hunt”

Promises of appeasement in the aftermath of the coup. The leader of the putschists in Guinea on Monday promised the establishment of a “government of national unity” responsible for leading a period of political “transition”, and assured that there would be no “witch hunt” against the old power.

“A consultation will be opened to describe the main lines of the transition, then a government of national unity will be set up to lead the transition”, said Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya in a speech, without however specifying the duration of the consultation or transition.

Reassure foreign investors

The leader of the putschists in Guinea, a major producer of bauxite and ore, tried to reassure partners and foreign investors by declaring on Monday that the new masters of Conakry would keep their commitments, and asked the mining companies to continue their activities.

The committee set up by the putschists assures “the economic and financial partners of the normal pursuit of activities in the country”, assured Mamady Doumbouya. “The committee assures the partners that it will meet all of its obligations,” he said.

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