The law governing the exit from the state of health emergency and the officially promulgated “health pass”

The Senate, dominated by the right, discusses the bill to end the state of health emergency. (drawing) – Jacques Witt / SIPA

That’s it, it’s official. The law governing the gradual exit from the state of health emergency and allowing the implementation of the famous “health pass” was promulgated on Tuesday in the Official Journal. The text provides a legal framework for the deconfinement measures announced by the executive, without lowering our guard against the hypothesis of an epidemic resumption. It will end on September 30, and not the end of October as the executive had wished.

The Journal also publishes the decision of the Constitutional Council, which on Monday evening gave the green light to all of this law organizing the transitional regime of the state of health emergency, in a context of the decline of the Covid epidemic. 19 and acceleration of vaccination.

The Sages validate with caution

The “Sages” had been seized by the deputies of the left (GDR, LFI, SOC), judging that the bill gave “very important powers to the government on bases much too vague and imprecise”.

The “wise men of the rue Montpensier” have however accompanied one of the measures of the text which must apply from the beginning of June, “with an interpretation reserve”. This involves the integration into the national health data system of data collected as part of the information systems implemented to fight the epidemic, like TousAntiCovid.

No change for the controversial “health pass”

The “health pass” will be limited to large gatherings, such as festivals, and subject to a series of measures limiting attacks on individual freedoms. It will condition access to major events, more than 1,000 people according to the government’s plan, on presentation of a negative virus screening result, proof of vaccination or even a certificate of recovery after contamination.

The number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in France continued to decline on Monday, with also a continued decline in intensive care units where 2,945 patients are being treated, according to data from Public Health France. In addition, all adults in France can be vaccinated against Covid-19 since Monday. Nearly 26 million people have so far received a first injection of the vaccine, or 49.1% of the adult population.

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