The last four vaccination centers close on Saturday

There were only four left. The last vaccination centers against Covid-19 in Loire-Atlantique will close their doors this Saturday evening. These are the Nantes-Erdre, Saint-Nazaire, Ancenis and Châteaubriant sites. “Thanks to good vaccination coverage, the demand for appointments for vaccinations is decreasing. The vaccination campaign is continuing locally in medical and nursing practices and community pharmacies”, announces the regional health agency (ARS).

While nearly 65,000 injections were carried out each week in the department’s vaccination centers in mid-January, the State only counted them compared to barely 800 last week.

Vaccination coverage of 81.5%

Since the start of the vaccination campaign a year ago, more than 2.1 million injections have been carried out in vaccination centers in Loire-Atlantique. The vaccination coverage in this department (part of the general population having a complete initial plan) is today 81.5%, “thanks to the mobilization of all the actors” welcomes the ARS.

Although decreasing for ten days, contaminations with the coronavirus are however far from having disappeared. Nearly 11,000 new positive cases have thus been declared over the last seven days in Loire-Atlantique, i.e. an incidence rate of 858 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Just under 200 people are currently hospitalized with Covid-19, including 24 in critical care.

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