“The Jagger”: This is the hottest hairstyle trend

“The Jagger”
This is the hottest hairstyle trend

Miley Cyrus wears the trendy “Jagger”.

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Rocking, wild and coveted like its namesake. Not only Miley Cyrus is a fan of “Jagger”. This is what makes the retro hairstyle.

His voice and dance routines are unique. Mick Jagger’s (78) hairstyle is much easier to imitate. Fellow musician Miley Cyrus (29) is proving how chic hair can be.

The haircut of the Rolling Stones frontman in the 1970s serves as a model for the “Look like Jagger”. Back then, Mick Jagger wore his shoulder-length hair layered with bangs. The trend hairstyle 2022 is also characterized by this.

How is the “jagger cut” trimmed and maintained?

The main feature of the “Jagger” is its extreme levels. The hair stays longest at the nape of the neck and gets progressively shorter towards the front until it finally merges into a pony. The front section frames the face and makes the look. In order to distinguish it from the classically well-behaved layered cut, it should not be cut too regularly.

Once in shape, the hairstyle – in contrast to some rock stars – is extremely undemanding. To style, work in some volume mousse and blow-dry the hair lightly. However, its natural structure should be preserved. If you like, you can reinforce it with a salt water or texture spray.

Since split ends are more easily recognizable with a frizzy layered cut, it is also advisable to care for the tips with hair oil and trim them regularly.

Who suits the haircut?

The “Jagger” is not only easy to care for, but also suits different face shapes, hair types and genders. While an angular face appears rounder due to the layers, the bangs conceal a high forehead. The cut is particularly effective with wavy hair. Mick Jagger also wore it smooth at the beginning of his career.

Today the musician prefers his hair natural. At the concert in Nashville in autumn he wore it less voluminously than when he was younger, but he remained true to the layers and the fringe.

In the meantime, the hairstyle has found various imitators. Miley Cyrus had her cut last year. With wild mane she adorned the “Forbes” magazine in December.

The latest photos of the singer prove how changeable the “Jagger” is. On it she can be seen with a smooth layered cut.

The engagements of model Mica Argañaraz (29) also prove that the retro haircut is currently celebrating its big comeback. In the curly “Jagger” the brown-haired Argentinian runs for ChanelPrada or Loewe on the catwalk.


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