The indictment of the “inadmissible” police officer for the Alliance union

Wind of anger at Alliance. The police union, classified on the right, judged this Wednesday “inadmissible” the decision of the examining magistrates to indict for “intentional homicide” the policeman who killed Sunday on the Pont-Neuf in Paris two men who would have forced control.

“At this stage of our information, Alliance cannot accept that our colleague is the victim of the judicial system which continues to remain a shadow of itself”, writes the union in a leaflet, denouncing a decision which comes “to question our institution and our police officers”.

A planned meeting

Alliance, one of the main police unions among peacekeepers, had created controversy in May 2021 by declaring, through the voice of its secretary general Fabien Vanhemelryck during a rally in front of the National Assembly: “the problem of the police, it is justice”.

Declaring itself “for self-defense and the presumption of self-defense”, a measure defended by Marine Le Pen during her presidential campaign, but rejected by re-elected President Emmanuel Macron, the organization calls for a rally on Monday at 12 noon at the ” Fontaine Saint-Michel, opposite the Court of Paris”.

Alliance’s competitor union, Unit SGP Police, said it “take note” of the court’s decision without “taking positions that could be prejudicial” to the colleague under investigation. However, the organization recalls its request to set up “a court and specialized magistrates experienced in the difficulties of the police profession”.

Free under judicial control

The 24-year-old peacekeeper, indicted for “voluntary homicide” on the driver, is also indicted for “willful violence by a person holding public authority resulting in death without intention to give it” acting from the front passenger and for “willful violence aggravated by a person holding public authority” against the rear passenger.

The policeman was left free, under judicial supervision. He is prohibited from leaving the territory “with some exceptions”, from appearing in Paris, from coming into contact with the police department to which he belongs for six months, from exercising as a police officer involving contact with the public, from wearing weapons and contact with the victims. He also has a duty of care.

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