The iconic Agora press house closes its doors

The Maison de la presse Agora, cours des 50-Otages, in Nantes. – F.Brenon / 20Minutes

It is an essential trade in downtown Nantes. Installed place de l’Ecluse,
50-Hostages course, for more than 40 years, the Maison de la presse Agora will close its doors permanently at the end of the week, announce the managers. The latter are forced to stop for health reasons and they have not found a buyer to maintain the activity.

“I think all Nantes residents know the store,” comments Alain Maréchal, co-manager for 8 years. It hurts my heart to have to shut down but we had no other solution. We looked for a successor but the cost of rent, the drop in press sales or the bankruptcy filing of the distributor Presstalis last year caused potential buyers to retreat. It’s a shame, especially for jobs. “

Stationery and bookstore shelves sold off

The Agora Press House employs six people. It has long been the largest newsagent in Nantes but also had stationery and bookstore departments provided. These have been liquidated in recent weeks. “The stock is emptied faster than expected”, indicates Alain Maréchal.

The business is owned by an entrepreneur from Rennes. The new activity of the premises was not communicated.

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