The House of Representatives adopts a text threatening to ban TikTok

What if this was the end of TikTok? This Saturday, the House of Representatives adopted a text on Saturday issuing an ultimatum to TikTok, which provides for the ban of the application in the United States, unless the social network cuts its ties with its parent company ByteDance, and more broadly with China.

The video platform is accused by American officials of allowing Beijing to spy on and manipulate its 170 million users in the United States. This ban must now be validated by the Senate.

The social network reacted immediately indicating that banning TikTok to 170 million Americans “would violate freedom of expression”. In an email to AFP, a spokesperson for the platform adds that the proposed ban “would devastate 7 million businesses and shut down a platform that contributes $24 billion per year to the American economy” .

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