The hospital center hit by a cyberattack

The alert was given Thursday evening at 8:33 p.m. after an intrusion into the information system. The Brest hospital center has been targeted by a cyberattack which is disrupting its operation, the management of the hospital establishment announced on Friday. “Analysis of the attack process has shown that servers have been impacted,” said the Brest Regional University Hospital Center (CHRU) in a press release.

“As soon as this cyberattack was reported, the CHRU implemented the necessary precautionary measures” and “a degraded mode of operation was put in place” to ensure the continuation of activities.

“No deprogramming envisaged”

The Internet information system was thus “isolated” in order to “limit the spread of the attack” and all CHRU communications with the outside world (making appointments, sending results, connections with other institutions, etc.) are therefore disrupted. But “emergency services are provided” and “no deprogramming is envisaged”, underlines the hospital, which can be reached by telephone at the usual number. “At this stage, no health data leaks have been identified. No data is compromised internally, ”adds the establishment, which has filed a complaint with the police.

Several French hospitals have been the target of cyberattacks in recent months, such as the Versailles hospital in December 2022 or the Sud Francilien hospital center in Corbeil-Essonnes at the end of August.

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