The ghost of the missing actor haunts the Planches de Deauville

At the Deauville Festival, Jean-Paul Belmondo has been in everyone’s mind since the announcement of his death on Monday. “I have the impression of having lost a friend,” we heard a festival-goer confide in her husband in the queue for a screening. He answered her. “I thought he was long dead,” entering the room.

“Man became mortal when he believed himself mortal said the philosopher Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin. Jean-Paul Belmondo never believed himself mortal. It is therefore eternal ”, confided Bruno Barde, general delegate of the Deauville Festival, at 20 minutes. A beautiful tribute with a photo of Pierrot le fou on the music of Professional signed by Ennio Morricone received thunderous applause before the start of the screening ofA woman of the world by Cécile Ducrocq with Laure Calamy in the spotlight.

Upset (or not)

“I had tears in my eyes when this iconic shot where his face is covered with blue paint, confides Laure Calamy to 20 minutes. I saw Pierrot le fou at least sixty times. He had such freedom and such fantasy. »The actress in her forties Caesarized for Antoinette in the Cévenness, was a Bébel fan. “When I was a teenager, I recorded the dialogues from Godard’s film on an audio cassette and I played them over and over on my little tape recorder. “

Garance Marillier, 23 years old, seen in Serious and in Titanium by Julia Ducournau, was less affected by the death of the actor. “It’s obviously sad but I didn’t grow up with his films because he’s not my generation at all,” she said to 20 minutes. My parents mostly showed me American films and I know this cinema better than French cinema. ”Which is good since this fan of Hitchcock is sworn at the Deauville Festival where she tastes new products from the United States.

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