The gendarmerie warns against theft at the “rendez-moi”

The technique claimed several victims in Sarthe last week. So much so that the gendarmes and the CCI saw fit alert traders of the department on the “meeting flight”. The scam is quite simple, and always starts with the same scenario: a person goes to a store and “pays for a purchase of less than 15 euros using a 100 or 200 euro note”.

Once the change has been returned, often in 20 or 50 euro notes, the false customer retracts and asks to recover the initial bet. But during the new exchange of money, he manages to keep some notes before disappearing.

The CCI therefore calls for “increased vigilance by traders” and gives several tips: “Be careful not to lose the ticket(s) during the transaction. Do not be distracted by a possible accomplice. Above all, do not collect the money before giving change, etc. She asks to systematically alert the gendarmerie in the event of theft.

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