“The Gamblers” on ARD: A man plays God

ARD series “The Gamblers”
A man plays God – and promises a million for the search for happiness

A notary (Matthias Kupfer, r) explains the contractual conditions to Ines (Katharina Schüttler), Firat (Eko Fresh, M) and Jasper (Manuel Rubey, 2nd from right) under which they can receive one million euros at the end of the year.

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Three people should get one million euros for trying to be happy. The ARD six-part series “Die Glücksspieler” dares an interesting thought experiment – with a surprising outcome.

“We are all missing a few vases in the closet”: With these words, Natascha (Karolina Lodyga) expresses that she is not entirely happy in her life.

The picture is well chosen: vases play an important role in the six-part ARD series “The Gamblers”. At the beginning of the events there is a vase: It breaks in a fight between Ines (Katharina Schüttler) and her partner Max (Sergej Moya).

Their son Sammy then writes to Santa Claus and wishes for a new vase as well as family peace. He ties the wish card to a balloon, which lands on Gottlieb Herzinger’s (Branko Samarovski) estate. The very rich pensioner then visits little Sammy’s father at the playground and gives him an expensive Ming vase from his possession.

“The Gamblers” tells the story of three families

The senior, who lives isolated from the world, learns that apparently not all vases are in the closet in other families either – and decides to play God. He makes three people an unusual offer. On the one hand there is the garbage entrepreneur Firat (Eko Fresh), “the guy who turns shit into gold”, as he proudly says. Uptight actuary Jasper (Manuel Rubey) who is bullied at work. And the ambitious lawyer Ines mentioned above.

The three should try for a year to become happier. Once a week they have to meet in a law firm and report on their progress – Herzinger will be watching via webcam. Everyone gets one million euros for this – but only if they keep it up for a year and keep the deal secret from their spouses.

Admittedly, this story is not particularly realistic. But that’s not the point here. Rather, it is an attractive thought experiment: How does an imminent rain of money affect behavior? And does trying alone really make you happier?

ARD six-part series on three evenings

The six episodes show how the lives of the three will change over the next twelve months. The search for happiness also has an influence on the behavior of the respective partner – and whirls the lives of the three families upside down.

As befits a public comedy, a lot of things remain well-behaved. Nevertheless, the authors (book: Michael Hofmann, Bert Koß) succeeded in creating believable characters, the dialogues are amusing at times and the story always takes surprising turns.

Although the realization emerges that money is not the most important thing in life – in the end the outrageously expensive Ming vase will still play an important role.

The first two episodes of “Die Glücksspieler” will air on April 27 at 8:15 p.m. on the first. The other four episodes will be shown in double episodes on Wednesdays on May 4th and 11th. The complete series is already available in the ARD media library

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