The football world on the home stretch to Qatar – sport

Former national soccer player Thomas Hitzlsperger brought up the topic again these days. Why not just say: “The Arab world is an important market with powerful sponsors, they have submitted a top application, so we play there” instead of “using the old diplomatic idea of ​​change through rapprochement”, he asked in the specialist magazine Kicker on the Qatar debate. The host country of the 2022 World Cup has been criticized for its handling of human rights issues and now that one nation after the next is buying its ticket for the tournament these days, the question is again increasing: What dynamic will this develop?

For the German national team, the first priority is to have qualified – as did Denmark, Brazil, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain and Serbia. Qatar is set to host anyway. With the 4: 1 against Armenia, Hansi Flick, as national coach, achieved the seventh win in the seventh game, no other DFB coach has started so successfully. How does he manage to lead the national team so confidently after FC Bayern? Where does the team currently fit in internationally? And what has happened to the other qualification participants?

In this episode of “And now for sport”, presenter Anna Dreher talks about the political and sporting tangents a year before the World Cup with the SZ football experts Martin Schneider and Philipp Selldorf.

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