The father of dentist Lionel Guedj freed before their appeal trial for dental mutilation

The Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal on Tuesday ordered the release of ex-dentist Jean-Claude Guedj, 71, sentenced on September 8, 2022 to five years in prison, in particular for intentional violence. having caused the mutilation of hundreds of patients with his son Lionel.

Pending a retrial on appeal from May 25 to June 30 alongside his son Lionel Guedj, sentenced to eight years in prison, this retired dentist, also convicted of fraud at the expense of Social Security and mutual , was placed under judicial control with classic obligations and prohibitions.

He must not leave the department where he resides, must check in once a week at the police station and hand over his passport. The court prohibited him from practicing as a dentist.

Came in support of his son’s activity

At the heart of this sprawling case, his son Lionel Guedj should appear detained, a request for release having been rejected in January.

Jean-Claude Guedj, nicknamed Carnot Guedj, had come to support the activity of his son who multiplied the fitting of prostheses in place of healthy teeth to increase his earnings. Several victims have had almost all their teeth devitalized with the promise of a “Céline Dion smile”. Many are still suffering ten years after the events, as civil parties explained during the trial at first instance.

Me Anne Santana-Marc, Jean-Claude Guedj’s lawyer, welcomed this release, referring to “a decision perfectly in accordance with the code of criminal procedure”.

Lionel Guedj and his father had appeared free throughout their trial in the spring of 2022. They had both been placed under a warrant of committal following their conviction by the Marseille criminal court.

Due to the large number of civil parties, the Court of Appeal will relocate its hearings to Marseilles where the judicial court has a room for important trials, which can accommodate 400 people.

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