The EU Commission is not advertising on X for the time being due to disinformation

As of: November 17, 2023 3:18 p.m

The EU Commission is stopping its paid advertising campaigns on Platform X due to misleading content about the Gaza war. IBM had previously stopped its advertising presence on X.

The EU Commission initially no longer wants to place advertising on the social network due to misleading and false content about the Gaza war on the online platform X (formerly Twitter). A spokesman for the EU Commission confirmed this today. The authority justified the move with an alarming increase in disinformation and hate speech.

However, the Commission will continue to be present on the platform, it was said today. The EU Commission has a number of user accounts on X that it uses for public communication about its work. This step is explicitly about paid advertising campaigns. The authority did not disclose how much money the commission spends on advertising on X and other social networks.

IBM is also withdrawing

X has long been criticized for not taking decisive action against misinformation and hate speech on the platform. The EU Commission has already made an official request to the social network after numerous indications of illegal and misleading posts about the Gaza war.

A new EU law requires online platforms to take strict action against illegal content such as hate speech and hate speech online. Shortly before, the computer giant IBM had also announced that it would stop all advertising on Elon Musk’s online platform after its ads were discovered next to Nazi posts. IBM does not tolerate hate speech and is investigating the “absolutely unacceptable situation,” a spokesman said on Thursday.

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