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Industrial furniture: between character and functionality

The industrial style has given rise to several trends: factory decor, vintage and very inspired by the factories of the 1920s, or the neo-industrial look, refined and very contemporary. What they have in common is furniture that stands out for its functionality. Some industrial furniture turns out to be particularly clever, because it adapts perfectly to the needs of the moment.

The Pib Metal Chair
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Facing the office, around the dining room table, or even in the bathroom: the chair in raw or colored metal is a must have for adopting the industrial style at home.

The Steel Stool
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A perfect alternative to a chair, the steel stool also serves as a seat in any room in the house. It also replaces the bedside table in a small industrial bedroom. Unless you install it in the living room or in the entrance to place a houseplant.

The locker room
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The wardrobe is a must-have in an industrial teenager’s bedroom, in which it serves as a dressing room. Of course, it fits perfectly in the master bedroom. Available in a wide variety of formats, from the compact model to the XXL model, it is also your best ally for decorating the entrance.

What furniture to choose in an industrial kitchen?

We like cooking to be practical and decorative at the same time! It is therefore the ideal piece to adopt the industrial look.

Kitchen Black Furniture and Tempered Glass
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The classic option is to choose black kitchen furniture. To accentuate its industrial character, we rely on the two iconic materials of the genre: wood and metal. To bring a little lightness to the whole thing, think about tempered glass!

Kitchen Stainless Steel Furniture and Solid Wood
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The alternative is to adopt stainless steel, the flagship material of professional cooking. On the table or island side, we opt for raw solid wood, which warms up the atmosphere.

Light Wood And Metal Minimalist Neo Industrial Kitchen
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The neo-industrial style is characterized by clean lines. In the kitchen, this translates into furniture dominated by wood and simply enhanced with a graphic metal note.

Island Kitchen On Casters
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To add the final touch to the kitchen (or to give it an industrial look without completely overhauling it!), consider the island on casters in stainless steel or wood and metal. Missing space ? No matter: you just have to fall for a pretty dessert!

What furniture to choose in the industrial dining room?

Friendly and easy to live in: it’s hard to resist the look of the industrial dining room!

Dining Room The Table De Métier
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The craft table is literally the centerpiece of the factory dining room. She indeed has a strong character, and she is extremely resistant! Much more versatile than it seems, it can be combined with industrial chairs and stools as well as modern table armchairs.

Dining Room The Buffet Or The Enfilade
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In wood, metal or in a two-material version, in a small compact model or in a high XXL version, the sideboard is the other essential of the industrial dining room.

What furniture to choose in the industrial living room?

Eclectic and friendly, the industrial show really has it all.

Living Room The Leather Sofa
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The centerpiece is undoubtedly the leather sofa. We particularly love the aged effect leather, which gives maximum authenticity to the decor.

Living Room The Corduroy Sofa
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For an even more cocooning look, opt for the corduroy sofa. The brown model is a very safe basic, great in a decor mixing vintage Scandinavian spirit and industrial look. To bring a little freshness to the decor, we can however prefer the green sofa.

Club Armchair Lounge
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In the industrial living room, we opt for a mismatched sofa and armchair – an upcycled spirit! But there’s no question of compromising on comfort. The safe bet is the Club armchair!

Living Room Coffee Table on Casters
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THE piece that immediately gives an industrial look to the living room is the coffee table with wheels. With it, even a very plain Scandinavian sofa suddenly takes on a resolutely factory look!

The Industrial Library
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If your living room has large volumes, adopt the industrial bookcase. Generally made up of various storage spaces, it allows you to store as many things as possible. Some models can even replace vinyl furniture or advantageously replace the TV cabinet.

Industrial style: what furniture in the bedroom?

The industrial room has the particularity of appealing to all generations.

Desk The Desk With Grid
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Essential in your teenager’s bedroom, the desk can be just as practical in the master bedroom. Missing space ? Forget the massive models made of wood and metal, and go for a steel model with a grill.

Bedroom The Bed In Raw Wood And Metal
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As for the bed, we focus on the combination of wood and metal. In a small bedroom, we preferably adopt the stool turned away from the bedside, in order to benefit from a practical corner without cluttering the room.

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