the election of Emmanuel Macron is “legitimate” but “his project is in the minority”, judge François Ruffin

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09:48 : Discussions with LFI around an agreement in view of the legislative elections “trample”believes Fabien Roussel, the former communist candidate, on Public Senate. “What is missing is managing to move from rallying to the People’s Union with a logo and a man to a rally that respects all the forces and allows us to initiate a dynamic.”

08:53 : 🗣 Alliance on the left ➡️ “The Socialist Party must be faithful to its own history, not to my balance sheet. This history is that of relations within the left. The PS has always wanted union. Discussing is necessary Disappearing is impossible”, for François Hollande.

08:54 : “The PS has always wanted union. Discussing is necessary. Disappearing is impossible”also commented on the former head of the socialist state, while the left-wing parties are currently negotiating an agreement in the legislative elections, behind La France insoumise.

08:42 : “As long as there is a strong extreme right and a radical left, which camps on the terrain of the left, the central pole has every reason to think that it can continue. If there is not a revival of political parties traditional, the match will be the same again in 2027, laments François Hollande on franceinfo.

08:27 : “There will be RN candidates in all the constituencies of France”, confirms on CNews Jordan Bardella, president of the RN, a few weeks before the legislative elections. While Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!) multiplies the requests for union, Jordan Bardella assures that it will not be possible in the first round, but thatdisclaimer agreements” will be possible in the second round.

08:21 : “We are the locomotive of the left, it’s a responsibility. I think we have to get as many people as possible into the wagons”

The deputy of La France insoumise speaks on France inter, while LFI is in consultation with the PS, the NPA, EELV and the PCF for the legislative elections.

08:14 : “He did the job.” The Council of Ministers, which is held at 11 a.m., is probably the last bringing together the current Castex government. And behind the scenes we already pay tribute to the tenant of Matignon. (GABRIELLE CEZARD / SIPA)

07:33 : This morning, several of your newspapers are wondering, like Le Figaroon “the OPA” of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the left during this electoral sequence. Can the Popular Union really win the legislative elections and bring it to Matignon? Yes, according to the person concerned Humanity.Cheap subscription to L'Humanité with the INFO PACKAGE

Le Figaro - 28 Avril 2022 (No. 24162) » Download PDF magazines - French Magazines Community!

07:21 : After her new defeat in the presidential election, Marine Le Pen has decided to return to battle. Its objective: to elect a maximum of RN deputies to become the first opponent to the Head of State and to weaken, at the same time, Eric Zemmour. Antoine Comte tells you how she prepares for it.Marine Le Pen began the legislative battle on the evening of the second round of the presidential election, April 24, 2022. (ILLUSTRATION PIERRE-ALBERT JOSSERAND / FRANCEINFO)(ILLUSTRATION PIERRE-ALBERT JOSSERAND / FRANCEINFO)

07:23 : The spokesman of the PS, Pierre Jouvet, for his part declared to have “had a constructive discussion which allowed us to move forward on certain points, there is no insurmountable sticking point between us”.

07:24 : The PS negotiators did not “had difficulty in committing to the repeal of the El Khomri law, on the Sixth Republic, the price freeze, which are important markers for us”, rejoiced Manuel Bompard, the chief negotiator within La France insoumise. The latter is now waiting for a “public statement” for “to act on these points of convergence”before continuing to trade.

07:24 : “We didn’t feel like we were discussing with the same PS as two, three years ago. (…) There is clearly a desire to show a break with François Hollande’s PS.

The historic negotiations between La France insoumise and the Socialist Party started yesterday with a meeting “positive”according to the protagonists.

07:28 : Hop, here is the first point on the news:

•The (probable) last Council of Ministers is being held this morning. Emmanuel Macron assured yesterday that his future Prime Minister will be “someone who is attached to the social question, to the environmental question and to the productive question”.

• A new woman file a complaint for rape against the former TF1 JT presenter Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. He himself announced sue 16 of the 20 women for defamation who testified against him.

A preliminary investigation was opened after a wave of malicious acts on an unprecedented scale targeting the national fiber optic network, announced the Paris prosecutor’s office.

• The policeman who killed two men on Sunday on the Pont-Neuf was indicted in particular for “intentional homicide”. He was placed under judicial supervision.

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