The derailment of a train carrying a chemical product causes a gigantic fire

The consequences of the accident are spectacular. A train carrying a chemical product derailed in the north of the United States, causing a gigantic fire and the evacuation of several hundred people, American officials and media said on Saturday.

The derailment Friday evening of this 50-car train in East Palestine, in the State of Ohio near the border with Pennsylvania, caused no casualties. The train was carrying vinyl chloride, a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic.

Some 2,000 residents are ordered to evacuate

Several explosions were heard as train cars continued to burn on Saturday, according to local media, despite the efforts of firefighters, slowed by water tankers freezing due to the polar cold that hit this weekend -end on this part of North America.

Some 2,000 residents, about half the population of East Palestine, have been ordered to evacuate their homes. Local authorities have ordered all residents within a 1.6 km radius of the disaster site to vacate the scene. “We can never say enough about the need to stay away from the site” of the accident, wrote the mayor of East Palestine in a message posted on Facebook.

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