The “degradation” of a slave statue was in fact a cast made by an art student

The “racist” intention was very quickly evoked. The act of degradation of the statue of Modeste Testas, Monday on the quays of Bordeaux, “turned out to be a molding made by an art student, without any prior authorization from the city,” the municipality said in a press release on Tuesday. .

This statue of an 18th century African slave was found on Monday morning covered with white paint, which immediately provoked condemnation from all sides.

“Isolated and to say the least unfortunate initiative”

“The student let it be known that no racist motivation had dictated this action” continues the city of Bordeaux. “However, we cannot accept and endorse this isolated and, to say the least, unfortunate initiative which struck many observers attached to the memory that this statue represents. “

The city “reaffirms on this occasion the inviolable character of the monuments and works of art present in the public space and the strict respect which is due to them, in particular those honoring the memory of victims of crimes against humanity. The complaint filed on Monday was withdrawn.

Director of the association Mémoires et Partages, Karfa Diallo, who was also moved by this degradation, noted Monday that “people regularly allow themselves to familiarize themselves with this statue”. He calls for a “sanctuary” of this work of art, installed on the Quai Louis XVIII.

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