the decoration trends of the 2023 spring/summer catalog

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AM PM spring summer 2023: art and materials

The AM PM collections are not without echoing some atmospheres spotted in the spring/summer 2023 catalog of La Redoute Interiors. We find in particular a predilection for walnut – a vintage essence par excellence – and, above all, for natural and very bright colors.

Featured Materials
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This season, however, AM PM is emphasizing materials more than color. If the lines are always irreproachable, they seem above all drawn to sublimate the wood, the marble or the travertine, the glass or the metal.

  A Warm And Natural Interior
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Between linen and terry wool, textiles are not to be outdone. Because if the interior is sober and almost raw, it is also soft – almost cocooning.

  Outdoor Furniture With A Sharp Style
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As always at AM PM, the outdoor collections are so neat that we would install them permanently in our interior. Especially since the trend is for curves and transparency: everything is good for gaining lightness and luminosity. And that, we love in the house!

Beige Sets The Tone
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Since the materials hold the top of the poster, the colors are discreet. Unsurprisingly, we find a neutral range with warm browns and a mineral palette dominated by beige. The trend is also towards monochrome decor, which creates a peaceful and relaxing interior.

Discreet Colors
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One of the must-have shades of the year, burnt red is responsible for warming up and energizing the atmosphere – even if there are a few touches of pastel here and there.

The Mirror To Enhance The Walls
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In terms of wall decoration, it’s time for sobriety. The mirror remains an essential, especially as it multiplies the light.

Sober But Dynamic Canvases
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If the fabrics always give life to the decoration, we favor movement over a riot of colors.

  Glass And Ceramic
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The choice to enhance the materials is found in the decorative accessories. If natural fibers and wood are never far away, it is ceramics and glass that bring a refined final touch to our interiors.

The Essential Indoor And Outdoor Carpet
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The essential indoors and outdoors, however, is the carpet, and its essential softness.

Spring summer 2023 AM PM collections: pieces to shop

Once again, the AM PM catalog is full of nuggets. From furniture to decorative accessories, we take stock of the must-haves for the spring/summer 2023 season.

The Orion Round Mirror
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To enhance the solid wood table in the dining room or to bring depth to the bedroom or living room: we love Orion, the large round mirror from AM PM. Set in an oak frame, it sticks to trends while proving to be surprisingly easy to live with, since it blends into any interior.

Full Grain Leather Swivel Relax Armchair, Archie
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If you haven’t yet found the perfect armchair for your reading corner, now is the perfect time to adopt Archie, the swivel leather recliner with timeless lines. For maximum comfort, don’t forget its footrest.

The Jaspé Canvas Sofa, Spogano
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The cocooning beige sofa to adopt urgently is the model in Jaspé Spogano canvas. To highlight it, accessorize it with a sober rug – monochrome rug or Berber rug, for example. With its generous shapes, it is best associated with the glass coffee table or a model in natural stone or wood with minimalist lines.

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In glass, travertine or metal: AM PM offers the coffee table in an impressive variety of materials – and designs. The one not to miss is Iloss, its organic wooden coffee table. If it is sublime in walnut finish, we particularly like the version in solid oak, which goes with almost any sofa.

Nastro Under Glass Ribbon Wall Décor
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Ribbons under glass: this is the secret of Nastro wall decoration. It is stunning solo, installed vertically as well as horizontally, in a minimalist decor. It also fits into a composition in an Arty or ethnic decor.

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From mirrors to furniture, AM PM brilliantly works with nickel – one of the star materials of its spring summer 2023 collections. Among the prettiest pieces: the Livel shelves. Practical for setting up a library in the living room, they are also smart for displaying your most beautiful decorative objects.

  Equivocal Office
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No room for a secretary desk? Opt for Équivoque, the AM PM wall-mounted desk designed by Emmanuel Gallina. This compact model is designed for teleworking. Functional and trendy, it is particularly stunning with a chair in terry wool: a piece available in a classic or swivel version this season.

Washed Linen Bed Linen
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Washed linen remains the big trend of the year for bed linen. And that’s good: it’s one of the great specialties of AM PM. This season, we love the Deutzia dyed woven washed linen duvet cover.

  Terracotta Cache Pot, Cabang
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New Antic inspiration for the Cabang terracotta pot. This very pretty piece is self-sufficient. With its mineral texture, it is also the perfect model to associate with a glass vase, in order to highlight its fragility.

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