The CSA asks the media to count the speaking time of Eric Zemmour

Although he has not announced a candidacy for the presidential election, Eric Zemmour is taking more and more place on the French political scene. So much so that the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) asked the audiovisual media to “count”, from Thursday, “the interventions” of the flagship polemicist of CNews “on the national political debate”.

This decision, made public on Wednesday, comes “in view of recent developments”, according to which the CSA “considered that Eric Zemmour could be looked at from now on, both by his positions and his actions, as by the comments to which they give rise. , as an actor in the national political debate ”, justifies the regulator in a press release.

Zemmour now a “political figure”

The “provisions of the law of September 30, 1986 provide for the taking into account of the interventions of political personalities”, recalls the CSA, whose college met Wednesday in plenary assembly. “The rules of pluralism guarantee the smooth running of democratic life. The CSA’s mission is to ensure their proper application, while respecting the editorial freedom of the audiovisual media, which are solely responsible for their programming, ”underlines the audiovisual policeman.

This decision comes as Eric Zemmour, released Wednesday on appeal for anti-Islam and anti-immigration remarks made in 2019, seems to be getting closer day after day to a presidential candidacy of 2022. While intervening daily in the CNews’ show “Face à l’Info” in front of some 700,000 viewers. He is also supposed to resume the show “Zemmour et Naulleau” on September 29 on the pay channel Paris Première.

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