“The Crown”. Scandalous interview with Princess Diana is re-enacted

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Again trouble with “The Crown”: scandalous interview with Princess Diana is filmed

Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir (1995) is re-enacted in “The Crown”.

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“The Crown” is once again causing anger in royal circles, although the new season has not even started yet. The reason is the scandalous interview with Princess Diana and ex-BBC journalist Martin Bashir.

“The Crown” has now run for four seasons. And yet the Netflix series about the British royal family regularly causes excited reactions. The new season will deal with one of the biggest scandals in royal history: the marriage between King Charles III, then Prince Charles, and Princess Diana and the crises that accompanied it.

“The Crown” recreates Bashir’s interview with Diana

It wasn’t just fans of the royal family who noticed at the time how the marriage of the two broke up – and allegations were made by both sides. The high point was an interview between Princess Diana and BBC journalist Martin Bashir in 1995, in which she revealed that Charles had cheated on her with his now-wife Camilla. It is now known: Martin Bashir had previously lied to Diana’s confidants in order to get the interview and Diana also had misconceptions about the journalist. The BBC recently vowed never to air the conversation again.

But now it is being addressed in the new “The Crown” season. The Royal Family, especially Princes William and Harry, should be shocked. “‘The Crown’ has been consistently dishonest from day one. They twist facts, they mix up events that more or less happened to create something that most certainly didn’t happen. That, contrary to Prince’s express wishes William’s focus on the discredited Panorama interview with Diana, even though the BBC has vowed never to show it again, shows how low they sink,” Royal biographer Hugo Vickers told the Daily Mail.

The BBC apologized

Last July, the BBC formally apologized to (then) Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. “Following the publication of the Dyson report last year, we have worked with those who suffered from the BBC’s fraudulent tactics in relation to the 1995 interview with Diana, Princess of Wales for the Panorama programme,” it said a statement from the broadcaster.

According to investigations, Bashir is said to have presented fake bank statements. These allegedly showed that palace employees close to Diana received secret payments. Apparently, this instilled distrust in Diana towards her employees.

If the princes would like to forget the scandalous interview, “The Crown” fans are now being made aware of it again. Most likely an absurdity for those involved.

Sources: “Daily Mail” / BBC

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