“The Crown” advisor on Charles III. and the future of the monarchy

Author Robert Lacey has been advising the creators of the Netflix series “The Crown” on historical issues for seven years. The star spoke to him about the challenges facing King Charles III. — and what the future of the kingdom might be under him.

Mr Lacey, in the week after the Queen’s death, the public witnessed two very different King Charles – one who shook hands in front of Buckingham Palace without fear of contact and even allowed himself to be kissed, and the other who cursed indignantly over a leaking fountain pen. Who is the real Charles?

The scenes outside Buckingham Palace the week after the Queen’s death were, of course, staged. When the new King Charles III. stopped his limousine in front of the gate and looked for a swim in the crowd, he sent a clear signal: With him, a new style is moving into the palace.

And the real Charles is the pesky one with the fountain pen?

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