The Constitutional Council seized after the abstention displayed by Jean Lassalle

Jean Lassalle is once again being talked about. The candidate of the “Resist” movement openly abstained on Sunday in his polling station in Lourdios-Ichère in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. But the National Campaign Control Commission seized the Constitutional Council following the gesture of the man who wants to defend an “authentic France”.

Indeed, the candidate who had won 3.13% of the votes in the first round staged his abstention. After going to the voting booth, the former Béarn shepherd finally removed the ballot from its envelope and handed it to the assessor.

“I refuse to participate in this vote”

He accompanied his gesture with a very short speech: “For the first time in my life as a man, here in this town hall, I am going to perform one of the most important acts of my life. I refuse to participate in this vote, I abstain. “ For his second presidential campaign, the one who wanted to be the spokesperson for French rurality had initially said that he would vote blank and had given no voting instructions to his voters.

The scene of his displayed abstention was filmed and relayed on social networks. However, the electoral code stipulates that “all discussions and all deliberations of voters are prohibited inside the polling stations”. According to our colleagues from FranceInfo, the Constitutional Council will rule on this difference on Wednesday. “I did this to mark the most total disapproval of the electoral campaign that we have just experienced. She is unworthy of our country, ”explained Jean Lassalle in a video posted on social networks after his decision.

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