The companion of the woman killed in Dinan indicted for murder

She was charged and remanded in custody on Sunday evening. Prosecuted for murder of a spouse, this 24-year-old woman is suspected of having fatally stabbed her companion at her home on Friday March 10. The facts took place in a pavilion in a quiet housing estate in Dinan, on the border of Côtes-d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine.

Alerted by neighbors, the gendarmes were able to hear the victim’s calls for help from outside the house. When they got inside, they found that a woman was being held “at arm’s length” by her companion and that she was seriously injured. The gendarmes had used an electric pulse gun to subdue the attacker and force him to let go of his victim. The latter, aged 28, died despite the first aid given by the police.

The victim had suffered several injuries, in particular at the level of the thorax, a forearm and the neck, according to the medical examiner, quoted by the public prosecutor of Saint-Malo Fabrice Tremel. The victim’s 5-year-old son was taken care of by a specialist pediatric emergency team in Saint-Malo. According to West Francehe would have witnessed a first scene of violence before being taken care of by neighbors.

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