The city of Nice pays tribute to the actor by dedicating a space to his name

In his speech in tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo, Christian Estrosi said Thursday evening that the Place du Pin, located near the port, would be renamed in the name of the actor who died on Monday. Finally, the mayor of Nice announced on Friday that the dedicated space would be “in front of the exhibition center, on the future extension of the green corridor”.

On social networks, he explained that he did not want to “rename a street bearing the name of a personality” but to assign a place “on which Jean-Paul Belmondo had turned”. The Place du Pin was chosen because it was close to the “emblematic stages and waterfalls. [réalisées pour le film] Happy Easter “.

After this announcement Thursday evening, several people “attached to the name of the Place du Pin” had clearly expressed their dissatisfaction. “Considering the reactions and in this time which must be a time of gathering and not of controversy to respect the memory of this immense actor, we will therefore choose a space of the future green belt”, then tweeted Christian Estrosi, all the same determined at the idea of ​​giving the name of Jean-Paul Belmondo to a place in Nice.

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