The car of the two missing pensioners found in a canal with a body inside

More than a month after their disappearance, the car of a retired couple was found this Wednesday, in the Scheldt canal, near Saint-Saulve. “At least one body” was inside, a source familiar with the matter told AFP.

A Citroën C3 “corresponding to the vehicle of the missing persons” on January 1 was extracted from the canal around 5 p.m., at the river port of this town near Valenciennes, said this source. “There is a deceased person inside”, she added, specifying that this body had not been identified. “There could be a second one,” she added.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the firefighters were called upon at the start of the afternoon for a technical assistance operation for the police, mobilizing divers, in the Valenciennes sector. Fire and police cars were present at the beginning of the evening on the site, where floodlights had been installed, noted an AFP journalist on the spot. The place where the car was found is outside the route between the town of Mairieux, near Maubeuge, from where the retirees had left by car and their destination of Roubaix.

An investigation opened in January

An investigation had been opened “as soon as the worrying disappearance of the couple was reported to the Roubaix police station on January 5” by the spouse’s sister. These octogenarians “would not have given any sign of life since January 1, when they would have taken the road by car” from Mairieux, “from where they left around 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to return to their home in Roubaix ” , she had specified.

Many investigations have been carried out (telephone, banking, SDIS, hospitals, home visits) as well as hearings of the entourage of the two retirees. A call for witnesses was also launched on January 9.

“The last call received on the couple’s mobile phone took place on January 1 at 6:47 p.m.”, located in La Longueville (North), but “the last trace elements of the mobile make it possible to locate the latter the same day in Marly at 7:09 p.m. “, near Valenciennes, had indicated the prosecutor.

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