The brief for episode 10 of “Secret Weapons” (guaranteed to be spoiler-free)

The TV Brief: What to expect for episode 10 of “Koh-Lanta: The Secret Weapons”? – 20 minutes

Betrayal will never be as beautiful as this year in Koh Lanta. Thanks to secret weapons, the twentieth classic season of the TF1 game still enters a new dimension, focused more on strategy, while giving pride of place to events, the outcome of which will almost always be uncertain. Without a doubt, the new phrase pronounced by Denis Brogniart during the advice, “does anyone, tonight, want to use a secret weapon?” “, Could upset everything.

The great upheaval took place last week with the discovery of the black bracelet by Lucie, who decided to entrust it to her friend Maxine. Result: Vincent and Laëtitia, who were believed to be protected thanks to their immunity collar, were stripped. For his part, Thomas did not hide his jubilation, he who was desperate to avenge his former yellow comrades. But how will the rest of the adventure present itself for him? Have the linked destinies reshuffled all the cards? We talk about it in the brief of the tenth episode of “secret weapons”.



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