The Bordeaux University Hospital is testing a preventive treatment

Recurring every winter, the bronchiolitis epidemic that strikes France is particularly vigorous this year. To the point of causing saturation in many pediatric departments of hospitals in France. In this context, the Bordeaux University Hospital announces this Thursday “the trial of a preventive treatment for bronchiolitis” which consists of an injection of antibodies which to reduce the risk of contracting acute bronchiolitis.

A single injection of this new antibody, nirsevimab, “significantly reduces the risk of contracting acute bronchiolitis, chest infections such as pneumonia and otitis media for about six months, describes the CHU. This new treatment has already led to a 74.5% reduction in lower respiratory tract infections caused by RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) in a clinical trial involving 4,000 babies. »

This antibody works “by preventing RSV from attaching to cells in the respiratory tract and causing infections”. While it was recently approved by the European Commission, “it still needs to be further researched on a larger number of babies before it can be used.” A large study has been launched in France, Germany and the United Kingdom to determine whether nirsevimab can be offered to all babies.

Parents invited to participate in this international study

It is in this context that the pediatrician-researchers at the Children’s Hospital of the Bordeaux University Hospital “invite parents to participate in this international study”. “The study is open to infants born at term or premature infants (gestational age of at least 29 weeks) aged less than 12 months. Treatment may optionally be given at birth to provide protection for the first few months. »

Interested parents can send an email to [email protected]

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