The biggest fest-noz in the world returns after a two-year absence

There are disciplines that the Covid loved to hate. The fest-noz is clearly part of the list. Known for its love of hooked little fingers, the Breton ball has had two very complicated years. Organizers of the Yaouank festival know something about it, those who had to cancel their giant fest-noz twice due to health constraints. “The practice of fest-noz is incompatible with respect for barrier gestures”, justified the association Skeudenn Bro Roazhon, in 2021, a few days before its flagship event. But that was before. After two years of absence, the biggest fest-noz in the world will be back in Rennes on Saturday for a night hand in hand.

More than 8,000 dancers are expected in the hall of the Parc-Expo. Deprived of fest-noz for months, they will have enough to spend with more than ten hours of non-stop music announced. On the menu: the duo made up of Sterenn Diridollou and Marine Lavigne, who had represented France at Eurovision with the Ahez project alongside DJ Alvan.

The last edition of the biggest fest-noz in the world was held in 2019 in the Parc-Expo in Rennes. – Eric Legret/Yaouank

On the “traditional” side, we will find the eternals of Startijenn, the bearded guitarist Jean-Charles Guichen, but also more contemporary projects, such as the very electro one by Plantec or the Fleuves trio, which has teamed up with Ndiaz, known for its pronounced taste for world music.

The evening program

The giant fest-noz of the Yaouank festival will take place on Saturday, at the Parc-Expo in Rennes Saint-Jacques, from 4 p.m. until the end of the night. Admission: 23 euros in presale, 25 euros on site.

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