The biggest donor to pay the fine for the nativity scene is the leader of the opposition

The city of Perpignan has published, this Tuesday, the list of twenty-six donors who agreed to finance the fine of 1,400 euros to be paid to the State. This fine follows the decision of the administrative court of Montpellier, on December 21, 2022, to prohibit the presence of a nativity scene in the town hall of the prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales.

The establishment of this pessebre (the Catalan Christmas crib) had been attacked in court by the human rights league. The community had decided to maintain the crèche within the town hall until January 4, 2023, and to pay the amount of the penalty payment of 100 euros per day of delay. While announcing its intention to launch a public subscription to pay this fine.

Among the 26 donors, 13 elected municipal officials and two RN deputies

The municipal majority of Louis Aliot (RN) had found support with the leader of the opposition Chantal Bruzi (DVD). Whether at the municipal council on December 15, or during subsequent speeches. “From the moment when the former elected officials that we are, had taken this decision, we do not see why today it seems that we do not agree”, she explained. For years, under the previous mandate of Jean-Marc Pujol (LR), the city of Perpignan had hosted a crèche within the town hall, without resulting in a conviction.

From words to action, Chantal Bruzi has therefore chosen to contribute financially for this fine. With 250 euros, she is even the main donor among the twenty-six who have decided to put their hands in their pockets. Among the other donors, there are thirteen elected members of the national rally at the town hall, as well as two RN deputies from the Pyrénées-Orientales¸ Sandrine Dogor-Such and Michèle Martinez. Louis Aliot does not appear in this list of donors.

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