The big coronation lip reading: The royals are said to have whispered that

Lip-reading experts say they found out what members of the royal family talked about over the weekend.

All eyes were on the British royal family over the weekend. Eventually, Charles III. (74) and his wife Camilla (75) officially crowned in Westminster Abbey on Saturday. Among the onlookers at the major royal event were numerous lip readers who claim to have found out through their special skills what the members of the royal family are said to have said to each other on the coronation day.

Here’s a little synopsis – from a slightly annoyed King Charles III. to sweet moments on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Charles is annoyed: “We can never be on time”

Someone is always late: Even with the royals, it seems like a normal family. In this case, apparently Prince William (40) and his family were a long time coming. When they arrived on the morning of the coronation, the King and Queen had to wait outside Westminster Abbey because of the delay of the heir to the throne and his family. “Sky News” reports, that Charles is said to have said to Camilla, according to lip readers: “We can never be on time. Yes, I am … that’s negative. There’s always something.”

Actually, William, Princess Kate (41) and their children Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) should have arrived before the royal couple and sat in front of them in the church. Instead, the process had to be changed a little spontaneously and the family behind the monarch took their seats for the service. According to the Daily Mail The Bishop of Chelmsford has acknowledged that there were “one or two things that didn’t go exactly according to plan” at the ceremony.

According to media reports, King Charles and Queen Camilla chatted about the rainy weather and the flag-waving, waiting royal fans in Trafalgar Square on their way to the church.

That’s what Prince Harry is said to have said

During the coronation ceremony, the lip readers present also focused on Prince Harry (38), who was sitting in the third row next to his cousins ​​Princess Beatrice (34) and Princess Eugenie (33). The lip reader Jacqui Press interviewed by the “Daily Mail” claims to have guessedthat Prince Harry wished the Archbishop of Canterbury “good luck” on arrival at Westminster Abbey – whereupon he said “thank you” with a grin on his face.

Harry is also said to have made a comment about his cousin Eugenie’s baby bump. “Wonderful, look, the belly,” he is said to have said to her husband Jack Brooksbank (37), according to Lipreader Press, while gesturing towards his cousin’s stomach. According to the lip reader of the British “Mirror”, he is also said to have told his cousin’s husband that he “had enough”. However, it is not entirely clear what this statement could have referred to.

Conversations on the balcony

While Prince Harry made his way home to the USA immediately after the coronation, the other members of his family presented themselves at Buckingham Palace. It should according to lip reader Jacqui Press come to little sweet anecdotes. Among other things, Prince Louis is said to have asked when the Red Arrows flew by: “What are these helicopters?” Instead of an answer, his father Prince William is said to have merely asked him to wave.

King Charles, on the other hand, is said to have initially entered the edge of the balcony with caution: “I don’t want to get too close … I could scare myself!”, According to the lip reader, he is said to have said. Then he said to his wife: “Be careful, come closer.” But then apparently the joy of the many enthusiastic spectators outweighed: “Oh, look how wonderful that is. Remarkable,” Camilla is said to have said.

Camilla greeted the arrival of the Red Arrows with an “Oh look, they’re coming”. According to Lipreader Press, Charles reportedly commented on the formation of the helicopters: “It feels very shaky and it shakes almost everything.”

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