“The best pastry chef” will now be broadcast on Thursday (and no longer Wednesday)

The channels are shaking up the habits of viewers this coming back to school. After TF1 which made Koh-Lanta from Friday to Tuesday and Dance with the stars from Saturday to Friday, it’s M6’s turn to postpone the broadcast of the new season of Best baking Thursday and no longer Wednesday as in previous years.

The sweet contest will be back on October 7 at 9:05 p.m. the programming day will not be the only novelty of this tenth season: Marie Portolano arrives at the animation, replacing Julie Vignali.

Julien Doré and Louane as guests

To celebrate this decade, no less than twenty pastry chefs will compete in the Parc du Château during two events. The stakes will be high, only fourteen of them will be able to continue the competition and enter the emblematic tent.

Other surprises will appear during the season. For the episode entitled “When the music is good”, Julien Doré and Louane will taste and evaluate the creations of the candidates still in the running.

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