The best Black Friday deals 2022 for smartphones

Have you had a new smartphone on your wish list for a long time? Get the best Black Friday deals from different manufacturers

Time for a new smartphone? Of course, as often as smartphones are used, they have to endure quite a lot. It can happen that the display or the battery breaks and the smartphone gives up the ghost.

Even if the cell phone is well cared for, there comes a time when a new smartphone is needed because the system is outdated. Here we show you the best Black Friday deals 2022 from Samsung, Apple & Co.



SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip3 for €529 instead of €999

Order here at Mediamarkt or here at Amazon for €599

Back to clamshell phones? With the Galaxy Z Flip3, SAMSUNG is developing a smartphone that can be folded and used without having to hold it in your hand. It is particularly practical: you can simply fold the phone up to save space in your bag. The top screen can be positioned at any angle to take photos or video calls. Simply position the mobile phone anywhere, adjust it and use it without having to hold it. The small screen on the back allows you to take pictures with the outside camera while you see yourself. So the perfect phone if you take a lot of pictures or call friends!



Samsung Galaxy A33 for €273.88 instead of €417

Order here: Samsung Galaxy A33

The high-resolution display not only lets your pictures shine clearly, but also in bright colors. The simple operation of the quad main camera allows you to take great pictures with a wide range of functions. Thanks to the long battery life and the generous storage space, you can also use all the functions when you’re on the go. The smartphone is now available with a 34 percent discount.



Apple iPhone 14 Plus €1,489 instead of €1,539

Order here: iPhone 14Plus

You belong to the Apple community, but the new iPhone is just too expensive for you? The iPhone 14 Plus is now 5 percent cheaper. Choose your favorite colour: the iPhone is available in blue, red, black, white and purple. New features: It has an even longer battery life and accident detection – it automatically calls for help in the event of an accident. In addition, the iPhone now shoots even better pictures in low light. Perfect for everyone with shaky hands: the images remain smooth despite uncontrolled movements. Can’t decide on your lock screen? No problem! The new iPhone offers the possibility to take multiple wallpapers and give all your loved ones a place on your lock screen.



Apple iPhone 13 for €829 instead of €899

Order here: iPhone 13

If you don’t always need the latest smartphone on the market, you might consider the previous model, which is now available with an 8 percent discount. The iPhone is available in six colors: black, white, red, blue, pink and green. The OLED screen allows you to see the screen clearly even in strong sunlight. Thanks to the robust design, the iPhone 13 is well protected against dust and water and with the two-camera system it takes incredible photos.


Sony Xperia 1 IV for €1,085 instead of €1,399

Order here: Xperia 1 IV by Sony

There is a 22 percent discount here! This smartphone is the first phone that can record 4K HDR video at 120 fps with all lenses! All three objects use α camera technologies such as real-time Eye AF and object tracking. Fascinating pictures can be taken with the optical zoom of 85 – 125 mm. With the Videography Pro function you can live stream directly on various services. For the musical: Recorded music can be edited on the cell phone with a variety of functions, you don’t need a studio for that!



HUAWEI nova 9 SE for €179 instead of €349

Order here: Huawei nova 9 SE

The Huawei nova 9 SE is discounted by a full 49 percent. At 1.05 mm, the smartphone has a particularly thin picture frame. Great feature: Thanks to the double function, you can record with the indoor and outdoor camera at the same time – even continuously when you switch between the cameras. For howling at night: With the 4-in-1 pixel technology, you can also take beautiful pictures in the evening. Do you sometimes forget to charge your phone? No problem! With the 66 W HUAWEI Super Charge, the battery charges particularly quickly.



HUAWEI P50 Pro for €869 instead of €1,199

Order here: Huawei P50 Pro

The smartphone has many features that are convincing: Not only is it splash and water resistant, with the dual matrix camera design, every detail can be recorded with the camera. Despite the larger screen and battery, the model is particularly light and feels good in the hand. With the 64 MP periscope telephoto camera, you can zoom in up to 100 times to capture distant objects! Thanks to the optimized AIS Pro and OIS system, you can take a clear picture despite a shaky hand or surface! For all video fanatics: The smartphone can also record 4k videos. Now with a 28 percent discount!



Google Pixel 6a for €349 instead of €498

Order here: Pixel 6a from Google on amazon or at media market

The smartphone analyzes your consumption behavior and, based on this, reduces the energy consumption of apps that you rarely use. Take pictures with the pixel camera and edit them like professionals: the eraser erases objects that you don’t want in the picture. The sharpener supports a detailed recording of portraits and with the real tone different skin colors become more visible. For everyone who deals with different languages: Thanks to live translation, you can chat live in 11 languages ​​without having to speak the other language.

Do you have the right smartphone for you? Then snap it up while stocks last and before the deal runs out! Click on the link, put the desired device in the shopping scales and order!

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