The ban on importing meat with growth antibiotics in France extended

The ban remains in effect. It is still prohibited to import meat and meat products from animals treated with growth antibiotics in France. A judgment published in the Official Journal, published on Thursday, reiterated the ban on the import and marketing of these products, also applied by the European Union since 2006.

Food business operators must therefore implement “reasonable diligence” to ensure that the meat and meat products imported or marketed do not come from animals that have received such drugs.

Risks of emergence of resistant microbes

Outside the EU, which has banned the use of these drugs since 2006, farms add antibiotics to animal feed to promote their growth and not for treatment purposes. The practice is called into question for its contribution to the emergence of microbes resistant to antibiotics used to treat human or animal infections.

A previous decree, prohibiting this practice, had been taken for a period of one year, in February 2022. This new decree does not set a duration.

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