“The Bachelor”: These ex-Rosenkavaliere made a career

“The Bachelor”
These ex-Rosenkavaliere made a career

Sebastian Pannek (left) and Paul Janke are still successful in business after taking part in “The Bachelor”.

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Not every Rosenkavalier on “The Bachelor” found great love. After the show, however, the gentlemen were able to advance their careers.

In the finale of “The Bachelor” on RTL (and RTL+) on May 10th it will be decided who owns the heart of David Jackson (32). In order to be successful in business after the dome format, it does not necessarily have to work with love. This is proven by the former Rosenkavaliere, who started as influencers after the show.

Niko Griesert (32) will be remembered by viewers as the “Bachelor” who couldn’t make up his mind. In 2021, Mimi Gwozdz (29) and Michele de Roos (29) were up for election. In the end, this fell on Gwozdz, who was not the right one for him. He switched to de Roos and a short time later moved into an apartment with her in Cologne. The separation followed in the summer of 2022. His career is going all the better for it. In the meantime, the ex-“Bachelor” can be about 247,000 followers on his Instagram channel be happy. There he often appears with Tim Stammberger (28), who is also active as an influencer after his “Bachelorette” participation. His original job is still visible in Griesert’s profile: he worked in IT project management in Osnabrück.

Mangold sells his personal video messages

Andrej Mangold (36) entertains almost every day 265,000 subscribers on Instagram. In 2019 he chose Jennifer Lange (29) in the finale of the show. The relationship failed after participating in the “Summer House of the Stars”. After that he appeared on the show “Battle of the Reality Stars”. In 2022, the ex-Rosenkavalier made the headlines with his disco project “Hello the Club” on Mallorca, which he said goodbye to just three months after it opened. However, he is not unemployed: the 36-year-old has various sources of income, as can be read on Instagram. Mangold works as a coach who can advise his protégés on weight loss, muscle building and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the TV face now sells personal video messages. You can buy a video of the star from 44 euros.

Sebastian Pannek (36) is also successful in love. He fell in love with Clea-Lacy Juhn (31) in the seventh season of “Bachelor”. The two were a couple for a year and a half. Then he got to know and love the former “Bachelor” candidate Angelina Heger (31). They are now married and have two children together. But not only his small family makes him happy. He is also the “Bachelor” with the most Followers on Instagram: 382,000 people have subscribed to the former Rosenkavalier. However, his wife trumped him. She is followed by 721,000 interested people.

The Ur-Bachelor shows TV presence

Paul Janke (41) is with me 154,000 comparatively few subscribers on Instagram. Nevertheless, he is an integral part of the German television landscape. Today Janke is known as the original bachelor. In 2018, the 41-year-old was looking for great love again on “Bachelor in Paradise”. After not being able to find her there, he has since advised the candidates as a bartender and has become an integral part of the show. In 2023, Paul Janke will be actively involved in reality TV again, because he is currently taking part in the RTLzwei format “Kampf der Realitystars”. There he fights with 22 other celebrities for the title “Reality Star of the Year” and prize money of 50,000 euros.


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