“The Bachelor”: David makes the girls perk up – or at least tries

What a strange “Bachelor” episode. The candidates struggle with getting up early, David seems more like a life coach than a single looking and in general … but read for yourself!

Let’s jump straight into undergraduate business today. It’s going to be good straight away: RTL wakes up the ladies in their villa with Mexican music at what appears to be a nightly time, so that they can put a breakfast basket in front of the door. It takes a while before anyone is awake enough to understand that, but finally the thing is on the table, and with it an invitation from the bachelor to one of the candidates: the sporty travel friend Lisa 2.

The problem: The brunette Lisa, who until now has looked as if she couldn’t shake a penny, is useless if she has had a bad night’s sleep. And she has. When she finds out about the invitation to a single date, her face moves – nothing. Shortly thereafter, she even seems a little weepy: “I’m looking forward to a date all the time, now I’ve got some shit here,” she complains to the comforting Xenia. Whether she means that she should meet David in her exhausted state, or that a mere breakfast date is too boring for her and she would rather have gone skydiving – unclear.

Bachelor candidates are not early birds

You think the day has been weird so far? Then wait and see: David takes the opportunity to demonstrate his talents as a life coach. Or what he thinks it is. And he starts the morning with…exercise. Well, Lisa 2 might be the right candidate for once, who actually feels like doing something like that, but if a man invites us on a breakfast date and then turns it into a sports date, then it was almost certainly a last date. When the two of them finally munch muesli together, Lisa manages to smile charmingly and talks about her ideal of a husband and child. David, for his part, talks about Dubai, whereupon Lisa has the same reaction as we do: She makes a face and says: “When I hear Dubai, the flags don’t waver so much for me.”

And then he also asks her what the greatest “learnt” from her previous relationships was. Like a business meeting like that. After all: Lisa 2 is surprisingly confident, so that David finds nothing to complain about in the end and therefore seems almost surprised.

In the villa, on the other hand, Lisa’s initial reluctance is still eagerly gossip. In the end, only one can break through the slightly toxic mood – and as always, we don’t expect too much from Yolanda. Like in a slapstick film, she carries her breakfast to the lounger by the pool, slips – and falls into the water. Nothing hurt, everything is fine, but the mood is better afterwards. Did we mention who our favorite candidate is? Yes?

David and Lisa 2 get along great

Meanwhile, David and Lisa 2 are cuddling in the pool. Kiss? Do not kiss? Everything points to it for a moment, but Lisa elegantly turns away. “It wouldn’t have been right for me,” she told RTL. However, there is a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye. And Lisa’s mood when she returns to the ladies’ villa is much better than when she left in the morning. Life coach David delivered.

david jackson

For the next date, they should fill out an either/or questionnaire to make the choice easier for the bachelor. However, an alarming number of people fail with questions such as “Lights on or lights off?” because they do not check what is meant by that. RTL plays music with the text “I’m so hollow, hollow” in the background, so “I’m so hollow, so hollow”. congrats for that.

Less congratulations for the following trick: In a subordinate clause, the off-speaker then tells us that one of the Lisas decided overnight to leave the villa “for family reasons”. AND: We could swear he said “Lisa M.” said! However, Lisa M. would be Lisa 2, the brunette, the Lisa who is practically already walking down the aisle with David! Since Lisa 2 appears later in the episode, “Lisa R.” meant, the blonde Lisa 1 so. What a fright! And to sweep the excerpt under the carpet – uncool, RTL!

Questionnaire for the next date

All the more, however, is thrown on the next date: The three women who had the most matches with the bachelor in the quiz beforehand are shipped to one yacht, the three with the fewest to another, and David himself then comes, shirtless, rushing into yacht number three. “Oh my god, he looks so beautiful,” Leyla sighs while munching on a canapé. Of course, the traditional coconut schnapps from the traditional sponsor is also available, which must be drunk dutifully.

First, David pays a visit to the Three Graces on yacht one: Alyssa, Xenia, and Henriette. The mood is not really relaxed: Xenia dares to say that she does not want to carry a group of children the size of a football team for the bachelor’s degree, Henriette compares the conversation with a “ping-pong game”. And even with David’s visit on the second boat, with Leyla, Lisa and Giovanna, things aren’t going super smoothly. Giovanna immediately pouts because she doesn’t feel appreciated enough. And Lisa and Leyla can’t completely charm him either, because David decides to “spend more time” with a lady from the other boat. “It all fell out of my face,” complains Leyla, who is in love. “All the tan I got here!”

Three ladies per yacht, but not in a good mood

The Bachelor then dedicates the announced time to Xenia. He chats nicely with her – and then gives her a hair tie. Friendly and so, but he comments pompously: “Xenia is the first woman in the position who received a gift from me.” A present… pfffhihihi. OK.

Apparently, the entire date was not a gift, despite a luxurious yacht jaunt, for all the invited ladies except Xenia. Giovanna, for example, found the whole thing “uncomfortable”, as she later complains in the villa. And the next morning she doesn’t seem happy either, because the ladies are woken up early again. “I didn’t think it was cool at all,” the 27-year-old moans. And again it’s a message from David waiting for the morning grouchy ladies: He invites Chiara, Angelina, Maike, Yolanda and Rebecca.

Climbing over stones with the bachelor

However, this time not for muesli, but for an action date on a “raging river”. The Bachelor tour group stumbles over smooth boulders, wades through the water in hiking boots and leggings and finally jumps off a kind of cliff. Doesn’t think Rebecca is that great, for example. And we wonder how the girls get their shoes dry again in the end. After all, everyone seems to be in a good mood at the end – irritatingly, the ladies too among themselves.

And then Yolanda finally gets her five minutes alone with David. He finds her self-confident, she says she loves action and doesn’t want children immediately at 25. The bachelor likes it because he would like to have two or three years with a woman before there are children. “Nice exchange,” he praises the talk at the end before taking Rebecca aside. She reports on her ugly past relationship. “It’s not nice when you’re hit, when you’re insulted,” she says. David is dismayed.

A dramatic finish at the end

“I hope you enjoyed the time,” says David. “I think it was the best day in a week … getting out of the villa,” say the women. Stockholm syndrome, we hear you trapping. Which, by the way, also came up: that Giovanna’s impression, aka the assertion that David only likes women who are his complete opposite, is incorrect. As David correctly points out, he never said it that way either. During the subsequent discussion in the villa, Giovanna no longer understands the world and turns this mosquito into an elephant – and of course one with Italian fire. She has to “smoke one” first, grumbles to herself and threatens to leave the show.

At the Night of the Roses, the bachelor then allows the women who have not had any dates this week a few minutes. But Giovanna can finally clear up her misery with David, so she will probably stay with us. Other than – now pay attention – dance teacher Fiona. She treats herself to a grand entrance before the rose ceremony and announces her farewell to the entire team. She felt like she wasn’t getting enough attention from David. As you know, we will not be very sad about this exit. At the end Maike and Manina are regularly voted out.

So next week we continue to have fun with Leyla and Yolanda, plus we got to know some of the other ladies a little bit better now. That can be something!

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