The authoritarian regime claims to show “the greatest restraint in the face of the riots”

More than 300 dead, thousands arrested, including 11 sentenced to death. However, on Thursday evening, faced with numerous indignant reactions from European countries after the first execution of a man involved in the protest movement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry affirmed that it was showing “the greatest restraint in the face of the riots”.

As a reminder, since September 16, following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurd, after her arrest by the morality police for a violation of the strict dress code on the wearing of the veil for women, a large wave of protesters demonstrate in the streets of the country.

Hanged for participating in protests

Many NGOs have warned of further executions in the near future. “Unlike many Western regimes which violently suppress even peaceful protesters, Iran has used measured riot control methods (…) The same goes for the judicial process based on (…) fairness”, adds -he.

Denouncing “armed attacks” and “acts of vandalism”, the ministry also stressed that public security was “a red line”. The authoritarian regime of Ebrahim Raisi adds that Western countries “should stop harboring, supporting and encouraging terrorists”.

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