The author of “Days of anger”, Sylvie Germain, cyberharassed after the French test

Sylvie Germain, the author of “Days of Anger”, is the victim of a wave of cyberbullying after the French baccalaureate, according to information from our colleagues at Parisian. The reason ? One of the three dissertations for the French test took up a passage from the author’s book, days of anger, in particular, of the chapter entitled Brothers. A text visibly misunderstood by some high school students.

Many of the candidates who chose the essay in question found it too difficult. The often perplexed high school students had the answer to attack the author of the novel on social networks.

This Tuesday in the columns of Figaro student, Sylvie Germain responded to these high school students and their threats: “I am only a pretext, I do not feel personally concerned. I’m rather worried about the symptom it reveals. “It is serious that pupils who arrive towards the end of their schooling can show so much immaturity, and hatred of the language, of the effort of reflection as much as of imagination, and also so little curiosity, open-minded,” she added. Good atmosphere!

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