The Assembly votes this Tuesday the text on the means given to the Ministry of the Interior

Gérald Darmanin will know this Tuesday to what extent his Lopmi bill is accepted. The National Assembly must approve the text of programming and orientation of the Ministry of the Interior: 15 billion euros over five years, and measures which seduce on the right but divide on the left.

Already reinforced by a broad green light in the Senate with a majority on the right (307 votes for, including the Socialists, 27 against), the Minister of the Interior hopes for a clear adoption during the solemn vote at the end of the afternoon. It had been nice to call for the “spirit of concord” at the start of this first reading last week. LFI deputy Ugo Bernalicis immediately responded with a motion of rejection, denouncing the vision of a police force “between Terminator and Robocop”.

Opponents of the text see it as measures against protesters

Communists and environmentalists also fought the text in sometimes tense exchanges with the minister. All three groups are therefore headed for a vote against, not so much because of the additional appropriations as because of the provisions that accompany them.

In their sights, the extension of the number of offenses which may be subject to a fixed tort fine, imposed by an agent outside of a trial, for example for obstructing road traffic. The government invokes a simplification of the criminal response, the left accuses it of opening the way to a disguised offensive against demonstrators or climate activists, even of preparing for the challenge of the pension reform.

“There is a bit of discord among the enemy”, according to Darmanin

The Socialists start from a position less hostile to the text than the rest of the left alliance Nupes. “There is a bit of discord among the enemy”, moreover quipped Gérald Darmanin. The PS deputies notably welcomed “many interesting things” in the bill, but deplored, like their comrades on the left, the lack of measures to recreate the link between the police and the population. In particular, they obtained during the meeting the principle of creating a “college of ethics” with the Minister. The PS group must decide on its position on Tuesday morning.

The equation seems simpler on the other side of the hemicycle. “We have never in our history voted against additional means for the police,” recalled the boss of the LR deputies Olivier Marleix. However, deeming the government project “insufficient”, the right-wing elected officials obtained the virtual doubling, to 3,000, of places in administrative detention centers for foreigners in an irregular situation. The head of the RN Marine Le Pen group sees this law as a “small ideological victory”, even if its scope is considered limited. After this vote, deputies and senators will try to agree on a common version in a joint committee.

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