The Arc de Triomphe wrapped in an LGBT+ flag? This is a 3D creation

“Poor France”, “abomination”, “It’s really nonsense”… In France but also in the United States, Internet users are protesting in front of a video which represents the Arc de Triomphe wrapped in a ribbon with colors of the LGBT+ flag. However, it is an image made in 3D by an artist, Ian Padgham, on the occasion of the month of pride. No decoration is really installed on the historic Parisian building.

The video is accompanied by a benevolent message on Instagram: “Happy Pride month 2023 to everyone, everywhere 🌈 Love is love, you are beautiful, I am so proud to live in a world where we fight for that everyone can live their life exactly as they are. »

Some Internet users then accuse the mayor of Paris, others denounce the “LGBT lobby”. The digital work “is driving the American anti-LGBT far right crazy who believe it’s a real work”, as noted by Tristan Mendès-Francelecturer and expert in digital worlds and conspiracy.

However, many positive messages also congratulate the creation: “Impressive decoration”, “the Arc de Triomphe more and more beautiful”, “It’s magnificent! What a great idea to do that at the Arc de Triomphe! »

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