the anti-drug operation ordered by Darmanin gives birth to a mouse

Two consumers, a lookout sentenced to a suspended sentence, a seller, 410 euros in cash, 1 kg of cannabis and 13 grams of cocaine… The results of the anti-drug operation which Darmanin had welcomed, gave birth to a mouse , report Provence.

Last Tuesday, while Emmanuel Macron is expected in Marseille the next day, the “Quotidien” program broadcasts a television sequence in which a lookout from the city of Flamingos (14th) boastful. Neither one nor two, Gerald Darmanin, annoyed, orders a descent into this drug point of sale and hastens to congratulate himself on the results of this “important operation”.

The regional daily specifies for a perspective that this Saturday, in the same city, a “banal” operation led to the seizure of 4 kg of cannabis, 600 grams of coke, 2,500 euros in liquid and two grenades.

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